This recreation offers are waiting to be explored.

  • Elderly weeks

    Seniorenwoche 65plus Gültig im Zeitraum: Sonntag, 10. bis Freitag den 22. Jänner 2016 statt. Die Skipässe zum Kindertarif sind nur im Zeitraum von Sonntag, den 10. bis Freitag, den 22. Jänner 2016 gültig, mind. 6-Tages-Skipass bzw. max. 12-Tages-Skipass Senioren müssen bereits 65 Jahre alt sein (66. Lebensjahr), Stichtag ist der 65. Geburtstag (Vorlage eines Personalausweises)

  • Ski-Packages

    Unsere Angebote zum Saisonstart Skiplus Wochen Saisonbeginn bis Freitag, 20. Dezember 2019 vom Samstag, 11. Jänner 2020 bis Freitag 31. Jänner 2020, vom Samstag 21. März 2020 bis Saisonende Leistungen Minus ca.15% auf den Skipasspreis der Hauptsaison für den SKILungau Skipass (ab 4-Tages-Skipass (gültig in den Skigebieten Großeck-Speiereck,Katschberg-Aineck,Fanningberg (auf Wunsch auch mit Obertauern) Minus ca.15%

  • Lastminute

    Unser Angebot für Schnellentschlossene Zeitraum: Gültig für unsere Ferienwohnungen und unsere Ferienzimmer: Ferienwohnung Mitterberg Ferienwohnung Preber Ferienzimmer Fanningberg Ferienzimmer Speiereck  

  • Kickoff-Offers

    Saisonstart 2014

    Unsere Angebote zum Saisonstart Für unsere Ferienwohnungen gilt: ab 2 Personen, Preis pro Tag NUR EUR 50,- Inkl. aller Nebenkosten jede weitere Person NUR EUR 10,- pro Tag zu unseren Ferienwohnungen Apartment Mitterberg Apartment Preber Für unser Ferienzimmer gilt: pro Person und Nacht NUR EUR 30,- Inkl. aller Nebenkosten Inkl. 1x Kaffee mit Kuchen buchbar

  • Sauna + Wellness

    Sauna und Wellness im Haus Macheiner

    Relaxation and body therapy After an active day or without a reason – take time out in one or more sauna- and wellnessfacilities in the Salzburger region Lungau. There are numerous, publicly accessible sauna- and wellnessfacilities and one of them directly in Mariapfarr. In the link below You see a list about all Lungauer wellnessfacilities.

  • Ice stock sport

    Eisstockschiessen Haus Macheiner

    Loved custom and funny pastime We have many ice stock tracks in the Lungau, where You can act out the Ice stock sport One of them is located in Tamsweg in the ice stadium St. Leonhard. At the homepace You can find a list of all ice stock tracks with further information about business hours

  • Ice-skating

    Eislaufen LungauHaus Macheiner

    Ice-skating Directly in Tamsweg two ice rinks are located at the “BadeINSEL Tamsweg” and at the ice stadium St. Leonhard. At the homepace You can find a list of all ice rinks with further information about business hours and auxiliary service.

  • Sledging

    Schlittenfahren und Rodeln

    Sledging You can go sledging in the whole Lungau, since there is a sledging track in nearly every corporation. In Mauterndorf there is even an illuminated, 500m long track, which gives you enjoyment in the evening. Directly at the Fanningberg – in immediately proximity to your accommodation – a 6,5 km long track is placed

  • Freeriding

    Freeriding Lungau

    Draw the first traces in the deep powder snow Freeriding in the Salzburger Lungau – a sensation for the sins. Draw the first traces in the deep powder snow, softly and neat or drive down the slope sporty and bold and enjoy the feeling of freedom. Take the opportunity and book a guided freeriding-trip to

  • Fitness training

    Fitness Training Haus Macheiner

    Weights, devices and innovative ways to workout You don’t need to interrupt Your casual workout plan in Your holidays. You have the opportunity to workout at the fitness-facility “Bushido” directly in Tamsweg. The well equipped fitness-facility offers 50 new Technogym fitness-devices. You can use your M.A.N.D.U.-membership in the vacation too. Visit the Mandu-center in St.

  • Gliding

    Segelfliegen Lungau

    Thermal and up winds Enjoy the Lungauer mountain air something different, with gliding. The airport Mauterndorf in the alps is the origin for an unforgettable experience with flying. In the Lungauer mountain valleys You can fly off from 3500 to 4.000 meters and the central located mountain “Mitterberg” affords always thermal upwind or downwind. Get

  • Hunting + Fishing

    Angeln und Jagen Lungau

    Hunting – Do you nurish and cherish hunting? Go deerstalking and be close at nature, in the true sense of the word. There are two hunting areas in the Lungau, which we offer You during your holidays to go hinting. Here you find – depending on season – black-, and capercaillie cock, roe deer, chamois,

  • Tennis

    Tennis Lungau

    Serve-volley and return In St. Michael in the Lungau You can find several manicured playgrounds. In Tamsweg at the terrain of the “BadeInsel” there are tennis playgrounds too. If Your motivation is spoiled by raining, You can go to an indoor tennis center, either the tenniscenter Sport Friedrich or the tennis center in Mariapfarr.

  • Bathing + Swimming

    Baden & Schwimmen Lungau

    Dabbling, bathing and swimming Beneath the numerous untouched mountain lakes in the Salzburger Lungau you can find several open-air baths, an indoor swimming pool and several bathing ponds and bathing lakes. The open-air baths in proximity are located in Mariapfarr, Mauterndorf, St. Michael and Tamsweg. The indoor swimming pool in Tamsweg is a part of

  • Climbing + Bouldering

    Klettern und Bouldern Lungau

    The wall – the challenge For all friends of climbing the Lungau offers a wide range of climbing rocks, climbing walls and climbing gyms. You can go climbing or bouldering in the middle of nature in the outdoorparc Mariapfarr. In Zederhaus You can climb in untouched nature. A little more away (ca. 18 km) the

  • Volleyball

    Beach-Volleyball Lungau

    Smashing, bumping or setting Particularly favoured in the summer – volleyball. This is the reason why You can find several beach volleyball playgrounds in the Lungau. Especially advised, because of the beautiful nature environment are the beach volleyball playgrounds in St. Andrä (ca. 5 minutes by car) and in St. Michael (ca. 10 minutes by

  • Golf-minigolf-golf course

    Golfplatz Lungau

    Drive off, putt and hole in one In the middle of dreamly landscape the Golfclub Lungau is located. Here You will find the right atmosphere as a beginner or an advanced.Here you can find a manicured 18-hole golf course, a 9-hole-3-par golf course, a big training course, a golf restaurant and a sun terrace. Information

  • “Preber-Schießen”

    Wasserscheiben-Schießen am Prebersee

    “Preber-Schießen” The tradition of the reflexion-shooting at the lake “Preber” exists since 1832. It’s about a challenge, in which participants from all around the world try to shoot a target from 120m away. The difference to other target shooting challenges is, that You don’t aim and shoot directly at the target, but at the reflection

  • Prangstangen

    Prangstangen Zederhaus

    Prangstangen – Pageantry and beauty The “Prangstangen” from Zederhaus and Muhr belong to the most important customs of the Salzburger Lungau. The wooden poles, which are over 8 meter long and weight ca. 80 kg are decorated with flowers and are carried through the township during a festive and religious procession. The gathering of the

  • Tamsweg

    Marktgemeinde Tamsweg

    Market town Tamsweg Tamsweg is the main place of the Lungau and is just 7 km away from Mariapfarr . The pilgrimage church St. Leonhard and the weekly Tamsweger farmer’s market, are just two of the special sights, which make a trip to the lovely place worthwhile. Traditional customs and atmospheric parties take place in

  • Mariapfarr

    Mariapfarr - Wallfahrtsort und sonnenreichster Ort Österreichs

    Mariapfarr, Silent Night, pilgrimage place and sunniest place of austria The pilgrimage place Mariapfarr is not only the sunniest place of austria, also the early- and mother church of the Lungau (Main place is Tamsweg). The gothically frescoes in the sanctuary and the romantic atmosphere are to lionize.die gotischen Fresken im Altarraum und die romantische

  • Genussregion Lungau

    Genussregion Lungau - Der Eachtling

    The Lungau is “Genussregion Lungau” Since the year 2005 the region Lungau bears the title Genussregion Lungau, which means as much as enjoyment region Lungau. Known, loved and awarded through the typical “Eachtling” half of the potatoe-cropland of Salzburg is located in the Lungaue. This especially resistant potatoes enrich the culture of the Lungau not

  • Samson

    Der Lungauer Samson

    The giants from the Lungau The Samson – the biblical heroic figure is the landmark of the Salzburger Lungau. The “Samson” is a 6.5 meter big and ca. 85kg heavy figure, which is hollow in the inside, so it can be balanced, carried and presented by a strong bachelor. Since it’s historical meaning and locally

  • “Almabtrieb”

    Almabtrieb Schafabtrieb im Lungau

    The animals have to come home The ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain patures into valley in autumn is a very special custom and a yearly recurring necessity. It’s the coming back of the cattle (cows, sheeps and goats) from the alpine pastures in the autumn back to the stable before the winter

  • Night skiing


    Skiing in the night Just on some weekdays – this varyies from skiing area to skiing area – one can participate at night skiing. It is a very unique experience to have the in nightlight involved piste nearly for You alone. Nothing is noisy, one can just hear the snow under the own skis and

  • “Bauernherbst”

    Lungauer Bauernherbst

    The farmer’s highlight in the Lungau When the Lungauer nature presents itself from the end of august until early october in superb autumn colors, Farmer’s autumn has started. At the Bauernherbst”, traditional celebrations are held, products of the region will be offered on special markets and custom has to come alive for our guests. Be

  • Climbing parc + High ropes

    Hochseilgarten Outdoorparc

    Thrill and und high-wire act In between Mariapfarr and Weißpriach at the “Nessi pond”, the popular outdoor park Lungau is located. The adventure at the outdoor parc starts with the stairway to heaven, team parkour, climbing walls, boulder rocks, pamper pole, flying fox and plenty of fun in the water. The own creativity knows no

  • Ski trip

    Draw steps in the snow If You are looking for untouched nature, away from the prepared pistes, You have to take a skiing trip. The exhausting rise at mountain- or peak- trips will be rewarded, by gorgeous skiing through the deep powder snow. Perfect conditions and trips with different coefficients of difficulty will be found

  • Skiing + Snowboarding

    Skigebiete der Skiregion Lungau

    Skiing in the ski region Lungau In close vicinity to the Guesthouse Macheiner is the ski area “Fanningberg”. Here you find 30km best prepared pistes for skier and snowboarder. A variaton of ski slopes for beginners, advanced persons and professionals offers fun for all snow sports freaks. The ski areas Katschberg, Aineck and Speiereck-Großeck belong

  • Rides + horse-drawn sleigh

    Ausritte, Pferde und Kutschenfahten

    Rides & horse-drawn sleigh At 1000m above sealevel a horse ride becomes a special experience. The Lungau offers numerous opportunities to enjoy the nature and the peacefully landscape together with a horse. A ride into the mountains together with friends, a coach journey with the family (summer and winter) – equestrians and horse lovers will

  • Biosphere reserve Lungau

    Biosphärenpark Lungau

    Leave small footsteps The UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Salzburger Lungau and the Carinthia Nockmountains is austrias youngest UNESCO biosphere reserve. It exists since July 2012 and he extends over 2 austrian federal states. The appreciation belongs an alp-landscape with peaks up to 3000 m, which are typical for the Austrian Central Alps. In the

  • Mariapfarrer “Dampferl”

    Mariapfarrer Dampferl

    Go on a cruise with the “Dampferl” Two times per week the “Mariapfarrer Dampferl” starts at the tourism association Mariapfarr. During a trip into the Blue a stopover is made at a restaurant. Here you can enjoy regionally gastronomic specialities, while the children have fun at the playground. Extra tours are possible from up to

  • Natural reserve Riedingtal

    Naturpark Riedingtal

    Outdoor-fun in the natural reserve The natural reserve Riedingtal is located in the municipal district Zederhaus, which is just a few minutes by car from Mariapfarr. The highest elevation is on 2711 m above sea level. Directly at the entrance You can see the lake “Schlier” and the 2.266 m high Rieding-peak. An infozone, an

  • Nockalm-street

    Wunderbarer Ausblick von der Nockalmstraße

    Asphalt-cruising with the car, motorbike or racing cycle The nearly 35 km long street leads in 52 sharp bends through the unique european natural reserve with the biggest stock of firs and arolla pines of the East Alps. Motorcyclists and cabrio-lovers love the distinctive appearance – the round “nocks”, which are unique in the whole

  • Alpine pasture hike

    Wonderful Lungau One of the main reasons for a holiday in the summer in the Lungau are the hiking opportunities, especially the alpine pasture hikes. The Lungau is one of the regions with the most alpine pastures in austria. Every step and every breath of air stand up for the statement, that the Lungauer mountains

  • Electro-bikes

    Enjoy the landscape – without struggle Even if You don’t do bicycling as competitive sports, You get Your money’s worth in the bicycling paradise Lungau. About 300 E-bikes wait for You at 50 renting stations, to take them and make a romantic trip into the Lungauer landscape. Because of ca. 100 bike-docking stations, many competetent

  • Mountainbiking

    Mountain Bike Lungau

    Healthy struggling and cranking Mountainbiker can explore the Lungauer mountains on 15 new optimated and signposted routes, which comes to a route from ca. 560 km. Since summer 2014 the “Lungau EXTREM” tour exists for professionals. Biking trips can be found for every level of difficulty. The Lungau offers an enormous selection of routes for

  • Hiking + Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking Lungau

    Relaxation through moving Since Mariapfarr is the sunniest place of austria it is advisable especially in the summer. Whether comfortable walk in the summer or extended hiking in the autumn, You will find the right trip in every season. A network with 15 signposted routes and in summation 119km of paths is offerd for friends

  • Train Taurach

    Go on a cruise comfortably Child’s eyes shine at the view on the steaming locomotive and adults enjoy the ride with the railway through the Lungau. In between June and September the historical Taurach locomotive drives from Mauterndorf to St. Andrä and back again. The special fun for the whole family,with visiting the historical cockpit

  • Furnace museum Bundschuh

    Iron founding in wonderful landscape The furnace museum opens between May and October and reminds on the once major iron industry in the Lungau. In the end of the 19th century it was one of the most important mining territory of the region. The furnace from Bundschuh was blasted in 1867. 1903 the era of

  • Silver mine Ramingstein

    Silberbergwerk Ramingstein

    Explore the work of the varlets Explore the tunnels of the former silver mine in Ramingstein with mining lamp and helmet. The mining was folded about 200 years ago. Most of the tunnels are in original conditions. The visitation of the mine is especially attractive for children. Because of best educated mine-guides is the visit

  • Burg Mauterndorf

    The Middle Ages and the Schörgen-Toni Local museum and medieval castle in one You can discover in Mauterndorf. The former summer residence of the prince-archbishops of Salzburg impresses because of the 44m high fortified tower with a spectacular view on the region. In an exhibiton You will get informed about the history of the castle

  • Schloss Moosham

    Schloss Moosham Lungau

    On the traces of the Middle Age „The Beauty and the Beast“, „Das Vermächtnis der Wanderhure“ and „Götz von Berlichingen“ – many movies with famous actors as Alexandra Neldel, Götz Otto or Raimund Harmstorf castle Moosham was used as film set. The fabulous castle complex has it’s roots in the year 1191. It harboures an

  • Burg Finstergrün

    Castle ghosts and castle gates In the south of Ramingstein (about 10 minutes away from Mariapfarr by car) the BurgFinstergrün arises. In between the end of April and the middle of September You can gaze the abnormally good visibility, which was the decisive factor for the location. The roots of the fortification go back until

  • Bathing pond + Outdoorparc

    Badespass für Kinder im Outdoorparc

    Recreational fun at and in the natural bathing pond In close vicinity to the guesthouse Macheiner (about 500m away) a playground for children and a bathing pond is located. Here You can find everything for a funny bathing day together with family or friends. Embedded in the middle of the nature the bathing experience guides

  • Easter bonfire

    An easter bonfire, which custom is practiced since the middle of the 16th century, will be inflamed yearly at the easter weekend. As a liturgic part the easter bonfire is a churched fire, which could be used to split up from churched things, which can’t be used any more. The priest sores a paschal candle

  • Cross-country skiing

    A big slope-network for cross-country skiers is offered by 26 slopes with ca. 200km of length and much variety. We offer 160km of skating-slopes for the ambitioned skater. Beautiful High-slopes are located in Schönfeld-Thomatal, the Karner-alpine-pasture. at the lake Preber, in Mariapfarr- Lignitz and at the Katschberg. Mariapfarr, with 30km of slopes, is the center

  • Skiing

    In the Lungau there are two big tariff-networks. The ski region Lungau and the ski region Lungo. You have the choice to use more than one unique ski areas with one ski card. The free use of the ski bus is included. The ski region Lungau (Großeck/Speiereck, Fanningberg, Katschberg/Aineck) offers skiers and snowboarders great pistes

  • Nordic Walking

    The sunniest place of austria, Mariapfarr, has the biggest certified Nordic-Walking-network in austria. On a whole length of 120 km You find 15 best-signposted paths with different lenghts from 3,1 km to 14,5 km. The Nordic Walking paths are located beside travelled streets, the ground is joint-friendly, varied and hard as all-season usable and offers

  • Hiking

    A big network of hiking paths in different levels of altitude waits to be explored. With chairlifts and ropeways, big altitudes are conquerable without any problems, to hike the sunny alpine pastures of the Lungau and to make a break in one of the numerous huts. A special incentive offers one of the numerous educational